Dental Implants – Replacing Missing Teeth

What Is A Dental Implant? A dental implant is used to replace a single missing tooth or a number of teeth.  It is made up of a titanium screw which is implanted into the jaw bone and then a crown is placed on top of that to make it look like a natural tooth. A crown, or dental cap, is made of … [Read more...]

Occlusal Guard – What Is It And When Should I Wear One?

What Is An Occlusal Guard? An occlusal guard is a horseshoe shaped piece of plastic which is worn over the teeth to protect them against damage caused by clenching or grinding.  It works by creating a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth so that you bite against the plastic rather … [Read more...]

Teeth Grinding – Symptoms And Treatment

What Is Teeth Grinding? Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is the movement of your upper and lower teeth against each other similar to the motion you make when you’re chewing food.  Over long periods of grinding, this rubbing motion can be a problem as it can wear your teeth down and cause jaw pain.  Most … [Read more...]

Dental Crown – Procedure And Problems

What Is A Dental Crown? A dental crown is a cap which sits over a tooth or an implant to completely cover it.  A crown may be used to restore a broken tooth to bring it back to it’s natural size and shape.  A number of dental crowns joined together to replace a missing tooth is called a … [Read more...]