What Color Braces Should I Get?

The most exciting part of having braces is getting to choose what braces colors you would like.  But this can be a much more difficult thing to decide on than it would seem.  With more than 20 colors available there are tons of different color combinations to choose from so how to choose braces colors can be hard.  You can choose to have themed colors like orange and black for Halloween or Christmas colors to get in the festive spirit.  You could even choose to have the color of your birthstone.

Why Do Braces Have Those Colored Bands On Each Tooth?

Person with2 colored bracesIf you look closely at braces you will see that these tiny rubber bands, called ligature ties, are used to hold the wire in place.  The wire is what straightens your teeth and the brackets need to fit tightly to the wire in order for your teeth to be straightened. Not all braces need these ligature ties.  Self-ligating braces do no need these little rubber bands.  The brackets on these braces close over the wire and, therefore, don’t need the elastics to keep the wire in place.

What Color Braces Bands Are Available?

There are a number of different brands of braces bands which orthodontists use.  Each brand has it’s own colors which may be slightly different to the other brands.  There is usually a range of more than 20 colors which allows for many different combinations of colors.

Good Braces Colors For Girls

Some really cute color combinations for girls are pink and green, like a watermelon.  Pink and purple look great together, as do purple and teal.  If you like colors but don’t want something too bright, try some lighter color combinations such as light pink and light blue.

Braces Color Ideas For Guys

Popular color choices of braces for boys are their favorite sports team or their school colors.  Red and green, or blue and navy looks great on guys.  Dark red look good on boys (and girls), and the color can make your teeth appear whiter.

What Are Some Braces Colors To Avoid?

Some colors don’t look as great on your braces as you would think.  No matter how white your teeth are, having white ligature ties can make your teeth appear yellow.  And having yellow ligature ties can make your teeth look even more yellow!  White or clear ligature ties tend to become discolored very quickly.  These pale colors can stain easily from eating colored foods such as curries and tomatoes.  Any food or drink which is strong in color may stain your braces so it is best to avoid them whenever possible. Dark green is another color which should be avoided.  It can look like you have spinach stuck in your teeth, which is not the best look.


Still can’t decide what color to get?  Just choose your favorite color or get silver to begin with.  Remember, you can choose a different color when you get your braces adjusted, so you won’t be stuck with the same colors forever.  For those of you who are having trouble visualising how colors look together on braces, you can use a braces color planner. Are there any other colors which you think look good together?  Leave a comment below with some color ideas you think look great.


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  1. Thank God! The website link saved my life. I know what color braces to get now. I didn’t know that you could change colors (LOL). 🙂

  2. I have gotten
    Rainbow ( twice) oncce with Silver on the bottom, the second time with no color on the bottom…
    Black and cobalt blue ( my first colors)
    White and Red ( christmas)
    Silver and metallic blue
    And tomorrow I am getting silver and orange ( my kitten is that color, I just got her two weeks ago tomorrow)

  3. Eun Soo says:

    I’m nervous for getting my braces this week. Thank you guys for the link. Really helps alot. I don’t know if I can get used to it. Hope it would be successful. .Thanks again..

  4. Morgan Gregory says:

    Thank you so much I think ok going to get all neon colors I’m getting my braces tomorrow

  5. Some other combinations are blue and orange

  6. I’m a girl but I HATE colours like purple and pink, and love colours like blue and green so I don’t know what to get? Help.?

  7. shirley says:

    try glow in the dark!

  8. kristin bishop says:

    this link has helped me out tremendously!! i now know what colours to pick this coming up friday!! teal and purple..or something with teal in it!! again this is great and i think everyone who has braces should really use this!! thanks!

  9. Thank you! This Site really Helped me to choose what Color should I pick.

  10. Omg, what colour to get, im a singer and my name is sophie my fave colour is blue, i like the sound of rainbow on my teeth but i love pink and green, HELP im getting braces in a couple of weeks and im really scared can sombody help me thanks xx

    • Well, the link said that green can make you look like you have spinach in your teeth so, if I was you I would get pink.
      On October 15th I am having my braces done and I am going for purple because it is my favourite colour 🙂 maybe once you are comfortable with wearing braces you ccould upgrade to rainbow?

    • you can always change your colored rubber bands whenever you go in to get your braces tightened, so you shouldnt stress too much about which colors to get. they all just come off in the end

  11. Okay, I sing, play piano, guitar and drums and I’m getting braces soon. I’m 12 and my fav colour is blue and I hate purple. So should I get light blue and light pink or light blue and light green? I need to know asap please!xxx

  12. This really helped but I’m still not sure if I should get purple or rainbow..my orthodontist said I should get rainbow but I really don’t knoww!

  13. OMG!!
    So scared!
    Getting braces tomorrow! XD

  14. Gettng mine in 1 week gonna get aqua on the top and lilac on the bottom

  15. Omg ! I’m so scared , getting my braces tomorrow . I’m still undecided about the color 🙁

  16. Hey! im getting braces next month I might get light blue or light pink braces or both so I don’t really so im getting it in the 20th march so yh… this website helped!!:)

    • Oh cool(: I’m getting mine on march 18th I think I’m either gonna do rainbow, all pink, pink on top blue on bottom, all blue, or checkered kinda thingy with pink and blue.(:

  17. I’m getting my braces this Thursday and I honestly don’t know what to get ! I’ve heard that dark colors make your teeth look bad but others say they make it look whiter ! also they say that light colors look good but some say that they stain easily ! please help !

  18. Thankyou! I am getting my braces on Wednesday and it’s just so difficult to see what to choose!

  19. Nina_26 says:

    This website really helped me a lot !! Thank you !!im getting braces in a week or so.. I might get teal and purple .. By the way thanks again !! This website really helped

  20. Laken Q. says:

    I’m getting braces on Wednesday and I have little idea what to do. I have long almost black Hair. Brown eyes. Pink lips and tannish skin

  21. I’m getting my braces on the 3rd of July I have medium skin I think of getting either turquoise or purple please help.

  22. I especially like your recommendations of colors to avoid. I thought white braces would look awesome when I had them. Come to find out that, as you said, they just made my teeth look yellow.

  23. Ethan's_girl-9/02/14 says:

    Ok so I am getting braces March 9th ((2015)) and I still have NO idea what colors I want. So can somebody PLEASE help me!??!?!

  24. what color of braces is best for brown teeth?. I’m a light skinned girl.

  25. chasity says:

    I think that any color whould be good it depends on what kind of girl you are wether you like light or dark colors as for me im dark but not dark at the same time but I like light colors this to sylvia

  26. I’m not sure when I’m getting my braces so thank you this helped a load❤️

  27. For me, personally, I think I’m going to go with a darker colour to make my teeth appear whiter. Beccause of my style and the colors I often wear and the season, (fall) I’m going with dark purple and/or navy blue. I have pale skin and dark hair, I wear blues and reds and purples. (mostly darker nuteral colours.)

    • I’m getting them October 13, on tuesday!!!! Ugh. I have to get braces and then an hour later, four teeth pulled, then as normal, wire in a week later. So excited :(((

  28. I am getting mine today

  29. im scared about braces please reply for advice.

    ps: What color im a boy.

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