What Causes Braces Pain And What Can You Do About It?

Anyone who has braces knows that it’s not all fun and games.  The process of getting your teeth nice and straight comes with the discomfort of having braces.  There are a few reasons why braces hurt such as getting ulcers from the brackets and wires, and also the pain of your teeth shifting into their new positions.  I’m sure you’ve been told that it will all be worth it in the end, which it will be.  But in the meantime, what can you do about braces pain?

New Braces Pain?

Getting braces for the first time and choosing a color is very exciting.  But that initial excitement can soon fade when your braces start to hurt.  The mouth is a very sensitive part of the body and even the smallest of changes can be very uncomfortable.  So it’s no wonder having all these new brackets and wires in your mouth can hurt.

Person with braces painThe pain can come from your cheeks and lips rubbing against your braces or can be from your teeth moving.  This discomfort is a sign that your teeth have started to shift and realign.  The pain is caused from your teeth moving in your jaws to their new position.

It can take a few weeks to get used to your new braces and for them to become less noticeable and painful.  It can take time to learn how to talk and eat with your new braces.  You may need to avoid hard foods for the first few days until the pain has lessened.  It may be easier for you to stick to a soft diet for a while.  Eating soft foods such as pasta, yoghurt, soup and mashed potatoes can help until the pain has eased.

What To Take For Braces Pain And What Else To Do About The Discomfort

Over the counter pain medication can help alleviate some of the pain following an orthodontic appointment.  Usually whatever you normally take for a headache can help with braces pain.  Rinsing with warm salt water can help heal any wounds on yours gums, lips or cheeks.  Rinsing three times a day should also help you to heal up better.  Your orthodontist may have given you some wax for your braces.  Use this on any areas which are irritating you until it has healed.  Wax can also be purchased from pharmacies.

In summary, these are the things you can do about braces pain:

  • Take over the counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol
  • Apply wax to the areas which are irritating
  • Rinse with warm salt water three times a day
  • Eat a soft diet, especially if your braces are new or you’ve just had an adjustment.


Any information provided here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to substitute advice from a qualified dental professional. Only qualified dental professionals can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment based on your specific condition. No warranty is made with the information provided here.


  1. First Impression Orthodontics says:

    Pain is probably the most common initial complaint with braces… especially children. Nice article about the subject.

    • So braces hurt more in kids?!?!?! That’s so unfair!

      • I know right I’ve never gotten them but all my friends say that it sucks

        • I just got mine on yesterday and so far it has sucked majorly!!! Also like some of the comments people have posted my teeth are sensitive and hurt like absolute HELL!!!!! I didn’t sleep at all last night. I am also going to add that my little sisters keep wrestling which leads to them hitting me in the mouth which probably doesn’t help either….I have also been taking Advil and Ibuprofen but that has by no means helped if somebody would like to email me saying what you take I will consider trying it!

          • Well i got mine yesterday and i felt like my teeth are going to fell off i frel like them moving and they hurt like fuck!!when i bite they hurt too ughhh does any pf u got ur teeeth removed? I got 2 removed imagine how much pain i had …..

          • Heather Doran says:

            I take Advil pm at night and that helps me and it helps with me being to sleep with the braces

        • Well I just got my braces today it’s not that bad. It’s just kinda taste bad (glue). Yeah its fine for about 4 to 5 hours then you kinda get sore. It’s not that bad really. There’s lot of maintenance to the braces otherwise they are worth it because you get beautiful straight teeth.

          • okay the first day is fine, the second day is absolute HELL

          • Yessssss…I agree completely. I got my braces on yesterday. I had some pain but today my mouth feels like it has a heart beat…so much pain

      • Kaitlin-Leigh Carswell says:

        I am 12 years old and I got my braces yesterday, it rags like hell!! I’ve taken medication and it’s not working. I can’t eat with these on cause it’s difficult and I’m very fussy when it comes to food! I don’t think this is fair, there should be an age limit for braces, possibly 18+ cause I’m the only person in my family that has had braces and they say it will be ok but they have no idea what so ever what pain Im Going through! This is disgraceful, I’ve got to have mine on for 2 years and that is bad for a kid!!

        • No actually, it is really common for braces to be needed from 1.5 years to 2. Even for a child your age. I am 16, and I have braces. So far I had them for 4 months out of the 24. I learned a lot about braces before I started. Because I was so obsessed with my teeth. I knew I had over crowded teeth. In three months, we spaced my teeth using springs. Today we put brackets on the teeth that did not have brackets. We put a power chain on it, to attach to the springs. This way my teeth can come up. The had space to move. Now they can move. I imagine in3 months for my teeth to be on the same row. Then I have to get my back teeth removed. So that my smile is not too far out. So i am headed for a long process. It hurts a lot. They only put on two brackets and a power chain, my entire mouth and jaw hurts. It hurts as if I had cavities all over. It didn’t even hurt when I got started . Now it does. A lot, I repeat.

        • Trust me.. when you’re 18 you’ll be so glad that you didn’t have to wait until you got your braces.
          I’m 16 now, i’ve always known that i needed braces but the dentists told me i had to wait.
          I got them on a month ago and i feel ridiculous, mostly because most of my classmates already have perfectly healthy smiles.
          When high school arrives you’ll be so happy that you’re past the braces phase.

        • Same thing happened to me. We played football, and it hit me in the mouth. It hurt like HELL!! I went back yesterday and i got my 2nd power chain. I woke up in the middle of my sleep needing to know what to do to make the pain stop. I got ICE WATER and rinsed
          my mouth for 5 minutes. it worked a little. Just do it until you feel like you can sleep again.
          And a little tip, try not to bite down, just keep any pressure away from your teeth. EAT SOFT FOODS. Good luck poor little thing.

        • Hey, so you all are really lucky because you only have to have your braces on for a year or two, I have to have mine for eight years. It’s because I had a baby tooth that was impacted so I had to get surgery. They got it down and I would of just had these on for 3years but, the baby tooth that was pulled is growing in on top of another tooth, and I could just have a fake tooth, But my parents don’t want that so there’s a 10precent chance I can have that tooth be real but it would take another 5years. So I’m forced with 8years of braces, and maybe even a fake tooth. SO YOUR REALLY PEOPLE NOT IN THAT MUCH PAIN!!

      • I’ve had my braces for about 6 months. I’m a sophomore in high school and one of the only people with braces. Before I could even get my braces on I had to have 4 bimolars pulled out. My mouth didn’t stop bleeding for an hour and a half and it took almost 3 hours to be able to fully feel my face again.
        I’ve never really felt any pain (except spacers) but starting a couple days ago my front teeth hurt like hell when I take a drink of ANYTHING! I run everyday but because of my teeth it’s hard to keep hydrated. Any advice on how to stop it or why they’re starting to hurt now?

    • The teeth move into place within your gums thus causing pain in the position of the braces to deal with this pain Tylenol or such will be required (Dont overdose) Also another home remedy is To drink ice cold water which will numb the gums and dismember the numbness temporarily. (Disclaimer: Educational purposes only) For more info and help contact your Orthodontist

    • I got my braces on today but I had 3 on the top before and I forgot how sore they are my mouth is in so much pain I can’t be bothered to open my mouth I have tried every thing painkillers don’t work please help I really want to rip them off

      • They will get better I had them 2 months ago I was in somuch pain I couldn’t sleep but in the couple of days the will get a lot better x

    • It isn’t that kids have more pain, they may just have a lower tolerance to it. Adults too may be able to take some medications that kids can’t take due to their age/size.

  2. Pamela Waterman (@BracesFriendly) says:

    Rinsing with salt water is terrific – when I had adult braces, I did it at least five times a day the first couple of weeks. Another trick is to drink something very cold, like a smoothie. The metal of the archwire is actually responsive to the warmth of your mouth; eating something cold temporarily slows down its movement and eases the pain. Thanks for posting these tips.

    • I am looking into getting braces. I am 42 years old. How old were you when you got yours and how much pain were you in? I want to be prepared for what to expect.

      • I’m 36 and just got my braces this week. Pain started the night I got them and has continued for the past 5 days. I’m waiting for the aches in my teeth to go away. 600 mg of Ibuprofen, three times a day is the only thing that has helped. It’s true cold water helps temporarily as in 15 minutes.
        Hard to eat anything, I feel like I’m starving!
        Hopefully the pain will go away, it’s 6-8 on a pain scale of 1 being non-existent and 10 unbelievable.

        I only need them for 12-15 months. So I figure this will be worth it in the end! Confidence of having straight teeth can mean a lot!

        If you need braces get them. Age should never be a factor for not doing something! Our society is so ageist, it’s really quit sad. If you’re healthy, get ’em!

  3. I thought getting braces was so exciting when I was told I had to get them but after a hour or so they were put on they hurt! They feel so tight and the cut your mouth! They look cool but they don’t feel cool I got mine June 3 and they still bug me

  4. Anmoljot says:

    Just got braces yesterday im dieing ahh they hurt like hell ahh i hate them what can i di cause they dont irrate my mouth or lips they just hurt alottt like when i bite or talk or open my mouth i take pain killers but nothing happened i couldnt sleep what should i doo im dieing help please

    • Tell me about it. Its my third day of having braces on and i have cuts all over. The matter of fact my wisdom tooth came bulging out on the surface and its making me sick. FML

    • Zoey Isa says:

      Couldn’t sleep either, the pain is horrible, I did not expect this from braces. I got my braces August 4th, 2015, and they didn’t stop hurting through the night and into the day.

    • Hey just got my braces taken off..I’m so glad..now that my braces r off tho my teeth r hurting cuz now they don’t have like wires and retainers can hurt really bad

  5. I have to get braces on Wednesday either the 21 or 22 of August and I am freakin out so thank you for the article and the eatin cold stuff

  6. I need to get either braces or invisaligns. could you please tell me which I should get and why. Please respond ASAP

    • If you can, go for Invisalign. The frequency that you get the new trays for your teeth to move is more frequent than adjustments for fixed orthodontics, which hurt quite a lot when you get them adjusted. I’ve got fixed orthodontics which got adjusted yesterday and they hurt SO MUCH – I got no sleep last night, haven’t eaten anything but soup and porridge and they still haven’t got any less painful. They also cause ulcers in your mouth.

      However, Invisalign are quite expensive (as you probably know) and aren’t suitable for all types of treatment. But if I were you and if I had the choice, go for Invisalign!

  7. I haven’t got my braces yet but I am getting them on the 1st of october, I am very scared but this seems like a good website to get some tips 🙂 hope it all goes well for everyone!

  8. Braces are a disaster, I feel Im being locked in a prison cell, I cant talk properly, I get tired of talking, which makes you a less talker, its hand cufs but only they are on your teeth, the first couple of weeks I was about to loose it, but after all of that I think it worths, because having one year of hurt will give you more than fifty years of great looking teeth.

  9. When I first got my braces put on they did hurt but not too much, I didn’t take any painkiller and toughed it out, I didn’t see why everyone was making such a big deal. Now my teeth hurt SOO bad I just got them tightened yesterday and the wire is on all my teeth not just 16. And I have a power wire on my left side which they had to tighten multiple times because it wasn’t secure. I also feel like there are needles under my teeth and my teeth are really sensitive but since I got my braces on its hard to even drink water, like when I got home yesterday I drank some water and it hurt.. My teeth are really sensitive can I do anything?

  10. Hello i have just got braces yesterday and i havent slept a wink or really had any relief from the pain i have just read a few articles on pain with braces and pain releif from braces they have all said pretty much the same but the comments on this are very helpful also so i would just like to say thankyou x


  11. I’m planning on putting em on tomorrow… I wonder if I can just drink my soup with a straw…

  12. Braces can be uncomfortable when you first have them applied, but don’t fret. Discuss techniques to prevent pain with your orthodontist for the best advice. Handle your braces with care. Your oral health is important … don’t forget that!

  13. Just got my braces friday, it’s kind of hurt me so bad 🙁 ! I just want to take them off ! I know the pain is gonna stop soon or later but just thinking that this process is gonna last a year, make me so sick ! Hope days & weeks will go fast !!

    • Just take a painkiller that makes you drowsy and see if that helps. I know my mine hurt too. But I’ll wear off. Good luck!

  14. Braces hurt so bad and the power chain hurts even more when I go to the nurse at school for brace pain she gives me Orajel It makes your mouth numb so you can feel any pain it really works for me.

  15. braces hurt so bad especially when the orthodontist uses power chain to close the gap. it makes your teeth feel sore and i cant eat solid food for a few days after the adjustment.

  16. I got my braces yesterday and last night I slept cause there was no pain but then I woke up with morning.. Dayum my teeth were so sensitive it’s so horrible HELp me.p I feel like just ripping it off MY TEETH ARE SO SENSITIVE I have too have fricken elatics too which make my teeth ache even more!!!!

    • Don’t wear your elastic a until all of the pain goes away. I don’t wear them for the first few days after adjustments

    • I just got my top braces today. I also have to wear elastics. Not only that, but my orthodontist put 2 pillars of glue on two of my bottom teeth, so I can’t bite down or chew. Haha that really sucks though. I’ve felt many times like I just want to rip them off already. I guess it’s for the greater good. :/

  17. Witie Anne says:

    I just had my braces last September 30. I’m on my 1st month now. My teeth feel so tender and sore especially the crooked ones but I know that it’s worth it. No pain no gain.

  18. Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to say that I got my braces 2 days ago it freaking hurts especially the wires at the back of my braces as it rips my cheek s skin which is horrible however wax helps alot and I just want to get beautiful teeth at the end so the journey is worth it…

  19. Im getting my braces on wensday and im kinda excited..but it totaly freak me out when i read all the comments above

  20. I got mine on Feb 3rd and they hurt at first and i was so excited cause I hated my twisted tooth. After awhile they hurt worse. Its now Mar 9th my teeth dont hurt and its easier to eat. The only problem is when just one tooth hurts cause its aligning with the other teeth.

  21. I just got my top braces done my teeth is sore today

  22. Hello, I just got braces today and also my premolars also known as canine were extracted and I was on laughing gas and the shots were somewhat painful and braces are pretty painful. Not only pain, but pressure. I just feel discomfort when I ear soup and even when I talk. Hopefully I have them on for a year, then after that comes those retainers. ~ XOXO

  23. Hi
    I got my braces and they hurt like hell
    I can’t eat or talk or laugh
    The wires poke at ur cheeks and you get horrible ulcers that are horrible I wish I didn’t get them

    • me too! I wish I didn’t get them. They ulcers hurt way too much. I can handle everything else but the ulcers pain and the sensitivity in all my teeth super annoying! 2 years mannn :'(

    • Make an appointment with your orthodontist to eithe bend the wire in the back up or have them cut the excess wore that’s poking your check, and causing the ulcer. Also to stop this from happening to your mouth again when you go to the dentist push the back of your mouth to the back tooth on both sides lacking sure the wire isn’t poking. If it is then have them clip it or just bend it. It helps a lot.

    • Jasmin Osornio says:

      Hi guys, my teeth hurt A LOT and can barely talk, laugh, or eat. I just got my braces today anyways, so, yeah! (July 30 2015) .My teeth on top and on the bottom hurt. I like this website be cause it gave am a lot of tips on what to do when my teeth hurt and I learned a lot!!! I know how you guys with your braces knows how it feels for your teeth to hurt. So yeah guys I hope you have learn about braces and how it feels a bit more. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 🙂 <3

  24. Christine says:

    I just got my braces yesterday. at first I was excited because of the colors. but then, after an hour it hurts me a LOT like Im dying because of pain and I want to take them off. Braces is SO PAINFUL. I cant deal with it what should I do?!? I cant even chew my food. its weird, my teeth are moving . they said it will just take a week to fade the pain. how I wish so.

  25. I just had mine tightened yesterday and I have to say it didn’t hurt as much as my first 2 weeks having braces. This did help me with the current pain but it will be worth it. Plastic spacers were the most painful part because it pushed my teeth back into a sideways wisdom tooth!! It’s so painful but it does get better which is great

  26. I’ve had my braces on since August 2014 and from the moment I wake up till the time I go to sleep they are bothering me. I am trying to figure out how to deal with the discomfort. I tell myself it will be better when they’re off October 1st 2015. Almost a hundred days left. I can’t take it anymore though. I’ve tried everything. I can’t wait for them to come off. It is like having your teeth in jail. It is a horrifying experience.

  27. Victoria says:

    I wish I did not get braces for the 2 time the first time did not hurt, but the 2 time boy am I hurting , my teeth hurt my mouth hurts, and they are killing my lips/gums! ughhh!!!

  28. Darlene says:

    I got my braces yesterday and they are hurting SOOO much.
    They cut my mouth and it’s impossible to talk which is painful for me because I talk A LOT.
    I took some panadol but it didnt help relive the pain. I tried swishing salt water and rubbing on the wax but nothing is helping.
    Is there any way I can relieve my braces pain?
    Thanks xx

  29. Stefanie says:

    I’ve had mine for a couple months. Although the first week was unbearable for the top part. The bottom, i had to wait an extra two months before getting the bottom. Due to my crooked teeth. The bottom is a lot more painful because i understand they are aligning. But it’s so bad that im unable to sleep. I didnt have this problem with the top. But im gonna try warm salt water. Just the bruising on the bottom an the soreness is whwhat’s keeping me up. Tge Tylenol isnt helping.

  30. I’ve had braces for 10 months and I just got my top wire changed and they hurt so bad. They usually stop hurting after about a week but I still struggle eating hard foods (apples, carrots etc.) I JUST WANT THE PAIN TO GO AWAY IT HURTS SO BAD

  31. i hate my braces I’ve got them yesterday and was not even able to eat properly and it was total strange to sing and very tough to even close my mouth properly

  32. For me, it just gets worse because I’ve got to deal with the pain of the power chains and rubber bands….:(….. :(((((

  33. I just got my top braces done.. And it hurts.. A lot.. Each teeth hurts and feels like about to fall apart.. Eating is so difficult.. While eating, it pains even more.. I am about to get extractions too.. I am scared.. And all thid pain and torture will last for more than a year.. Hope the time will pass soon..

  34. I just got my brace july 10 20015
    i was so excited to get my braces that day there was no pain my aunt the dentist did a good job but after I got home and try to eat something that’s when I felt the pain I had a little sleep that night woke up more pain I just took some pain meds to help with the pain even when I brush my teeth it hurts I saw some of the remedies on this page I’m going to try them to see what that help but at the meantime like they say I will have a better smile in the long run I think my phone to be on for like 3 years I hope this is worth the wait thank you

  35. I have had braces for almost two years now, so nothing really hurts me when I go to my appointments but today I had to get another power chain on my lower teeth, I already had one on the top. And let me tell you, boy do my teeth hurt. At first it was nothing but now it is just undeniable pain. I try not to think about it but I can’t just seem to forget the pain it is causing. I’m just glad I’m almost done and won’t have to deal with this anymore

  36. I got my braces yesterday night, no sore teeth till I slept, since morning, I feel like a metal frame shrinking my teeth in, almost unbearable pain, drinking cold water helps, try not to talk too much for initial days, hope this info helps.

  37. Hello, I got braces put in yesterday and having to hear that after a while the Orthodontists tighten them makes me worry more. If you need help then try pain reducers or warm salt and water rinse.

  38. what cause braces hook to hurt?because my braces hook begin to hurt me.

  39. I am 20 and just got braces. I have upper lingual braces and lower ceramic. I can’t handle the discomfort and I am in the prime of my life and am so self conscious. I only got braces because I have an impacted tooth…. I am tempted to get them taken off and just get a false tooth… I can’t handle this at all. It is so much worse then I thought it would be, not just on a pain level but generally discomfort, I haven’t eaten on had anything to drink in over 24 hours I have no energy and I feel sick all the time. I think a false tooth may be worth it for me

  40. I am two days in and although there is some discomfort wax and OTC medicines seems to work okay. Eating soft foods can get old so instead trying eating very slowly with small pieces. For instance, I ate tilapia and mashed potatoes my first night and last night ate fried chicken and baked potato. Take some medicine 30 min before dinnertime and use the wax and numbing ointment like oragel. Smoothies are great options for breakfast and lunch. Another tip is covering each bracket with wax at night to give your cheeks a break. Hope this helps!

  41. I just got mine yesterday and I can’t even eat my teeth can’t handle the moving of it being straight when I talk to my mom it sounds like jebberishould is there anything that can help my pain

  42. Braces do hurt like crazy I got mine yesterday but drinking cold stuff helps and I can’t eat because I got something white on the bottom of my molars and it hurts when you eat and pain medication doesn’t help

  43. I just got my braces on 5 days ago. At first, I was so scared knowing the pain after getting them on. I took tylenol hour before the treatment. After few hours, then I felt some soreness and tenderness. It hurts but not that much. Its more on annoying than painful. You have to prepare yourself also for liquid diet. And buy yourself a supply of wax.
    The pain was not the kind I imagined it would feel like. No pain, no gain

  44. I got my braces on last week and bad to go back today to get them fixed I still can’t eat anything.

  45. Hey I only got the brackets the first time I went and they just put the wires today. I don’t know why they put it separately. I asked all my friends and they said they got the wires and the brackets at the same time. Did this happen to anyone else. Btw this brace is hurting like real bad. thnx for advice ill try it out

  46. I had my braces on for a year… I’m going to a orthodontist know bc they hurt so bad. I was up till 4:30am and I had school today… I just want braces off they hurt to much and I’m only 11 so I cried a lot

  47. Hey guys. I have had my braces for almost a year now and when I first got them on it didn’t hurt nether much but I just got them tightened and it hurts like hell. And I just wanted to warn u that it hurts a lot worse when u get about 10 months into wearing your braces

  48. I just got my braces yesterday and now I can’t eat properly.my molars are not touching each other so it becomes difficult for me to grind my food.

  49. Maxwell Arko says:

    I just got my braces yesterday it really hurt I wax it but still hurt me when is this gonna stop

  50. i just got my braces today, and yes they are hurting a lot. Actually, they are more annoying than painful. i feel like taking them off. just keeping in mind that i will get good teeth in the future.

  51. I got my top about 3 months ago, and my bottom about a month ago. My top didn’t hurt as much as the top. Is it bad that one of my teeth hurts bow after getting them a while ago? I’m pretty sure it’s just moving, but I’m still worried.

  52. I just got braces today and they hurt sooo much! My teeth are really really sore and I am in a lot of pain…when I eat solid food, my teeth hurt and even after taking pain killers the pain isn’t going away! I don’t know what to do??

  53. Jonas Hoolahan says:

    I got my braces on at two separate times. My top row was first, and then my bottom row came on two months later (1 month ago) My bottom row hurts so much that I’m scared to drink , let alone eat. Any advice?

  54. i got mine about a week agao i miss my old teeth theis stuff hurt

  55. I had my chain put on today it hurt SO BAD!!!!! I wanted to cry actually I did so here are a few little tip that work for me:

    * Take any over the counter medication you can


    * Keep your fingers out of your mouth

    *put dental wax on the hurting part

    *eat ice cream

  56. I had 5 teeth taken out and then a few months later i had my top braces done. when i went through having 5 teeth pulled out all at once that it hurted like death. so my braces dont hurt as much but i cant eat anything and i am starving. i refuse to eat anything tasteless. any tips for food that is delicious and can be eaten?

    • Try beans with poached egg, I had that today for lunch and didn’t chew but just swallowed it. It tasted good. X

    • Try boiled eggs or scrambled eggs; tuna or minced chicken salad; fruit flavored regular or frozen yogurt; healthy smoothies (put a banana and some OJ together in a blender); mashed potatoes with butter or gravy; pudding; applesauce; soup with finely minced chicken, turkey or fish; jello; low sugar popsicles; hummus; creamy soups; cottage cheese; soft cooked peas; I found that I was resorting to maybe chomping down one or two times and then swalling the food practically whole. The less you chomp the better, but don’t choke. Take tiny bites. Eat soft-ish foods for a few day. Straws make you pucker to draw in, which puts more pressure on soft tissues around your mouth. Just sip from a cup instead. Good luck!

  57. Omfg got my braces today like 14 hours ago and they hurt so much, to eat and drink. no pain relief is working and I’ve been trying to get to sleep for the last hour but can’t ;( any advice? X (I’m 12)

  58. I just got my braces on today. It’s been almost 10 hours already and I’ve started to feel some pressure on my bottom teeth. After reading all those comments on here, I’m now scared that all my teeth gonna hurt a lot more later. I’ve been trying to eat soft food since the day I got spacers on which is 5 days ago but I couldn’t (no matter how soft the food is my teeth still hurt). My teeth are still sore from spacers and now braces. I don’t know how long I can handle this.

  59. I have given birth 3 times, in fact I gave birth 10 weeks ago and that didn’t hurt as bad as day 2 of wearing my braces. Oh my goodness, I just want to cry. I keep fantacising about going to my ortho and getting them taken off. I am so hungry because I am breastfeeding and can not fricking EAT ANYTHING. Soup really isn’t cutting it. Also I can’t take anything stronger than paracetomal because I’m breastfeeding. What id give for some gas and air or something. I actually want to go into a coma for 3 months.. Or 15 months even and wake up when they’re taken off. I wonder if my babies would miss me lol


  61. Christyanna says:

    I’m 13 and got mine on june 10, last year. And then I got them adjusted on wednesday- march 30…and it’s so freakin painful because the braces are gripping the right cheek. Nothing seems to help at all, and my mom won’t let me get me get them off yet no matter how much I beg.

  62. I am a 52 yr old mom & grandma and had gotten lower braces yesterday to expand space in my front teeth for an implant to replace a missing tooth. The braces are over 7 teeth in front. My teeth don’t hurt at all, but the wire and spring are rubbing against my lip and cutting it. I ate almost nothing yesterday, because my top bite hits oddly on my bottom teeth. That is the hardest. Eating when you can’t bite down and grind your food. I ate soup and scrambled eggs today and it was so good. Frozen yogurt with soft fruit also was a relief. Had salad tonight and it took me an hour to chew slowly and purposefully. All that chewing caused ulcers inside my lip now. You will feel better if you eat. No food makes you more cranky and not handle your discomfort well. I personally have no problem sleeping, it is the only relief I actually get.

  63. Okay so I’ve had my top ones done no problem, but I came to get my bottom ones done yesterday and they decided to take off the top brackets and redo them like ow!
    So my bottom ones hurt like CRAZY!! I can’t even eat properly. I’ve tried eating a banana, ice cream only think that’s good is mash potato. I can feel my teeth move and oww I can’t sleep it’s so bad. I’ve taken 2 pain killers (4 since yesterday to now) and it’s just not working. There’s no point for me using the wax but my gums hurt terribly, as well as my top teeths brackets. How long will this last because I’m starving and will my teeth be in this much pain for the next 2 years? (My top teeth have ‘fitted in’ and they’re ok but still.. Ow)

  64. I have braces now for about 4 months now I got the power chains on, I have one tooth that feels like a toothache when I floss it hurts a little when I rinse it hurts a little. But when I brush it doesn’t hurt at all. I would like to know if that’s normal ?

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